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The fossil is in the wagon. Either the Hero or the miner can do it.

Just north of that is a pond. Your hero walks faster than anyone else, so they have the best chance of getting in and out again. The Quest is triggered by walking close to the person who is standing by the house. From here you will be able to wade through the river and come up in the south east quadrant.

This is the one that took the necklace. You will decide to either pay the ransom, or to fight. Defend the Engine is exactly what it sounds like, but Repair the Tracks is more complicated. It is critical that you be able to observe the Bandits, so you know when they are turned away from you. If Citizens go hungry or homeless for too long, they will first stop work to protest and then leave town.

Continue with the requested tasks. If there are fewer Citizens than Housing slots, you can expect some more Citizens to arrive soon, so you may want to check to make sure you have enough Food and Water for the higher population. Instead, search all around the Main Town map until you find a gray stump. This is triggered by the arrival in town of the Citizen who wants to be a baker.

Your Hero should also be at full health. Some versions have an optional Quest, Hired Help, where you just hire some of the local Bounty Hunters. Pick berries if necessary.

There is also an optional Quest. You will be rewarded with experience points each time you complete it. Now build that last Coal Mine and employ just this Citizen there until he has become a skilled Miner. You should find the Coal Mine blueprints in a blue crate, but only if the second Coal Miner has already told you about them.

Westward IV All Aboard Game - Full Version Visa/MC/PayPal

Westward IV All Aboard Game - Full Version Visa/MC/PayPal

He will show up in your population count as a homeless person, but he will not accept a house if you build one for him. So if you know you will want to have a Citizen build several things in a row, give them all the instructions one right after another, then move on to the next citizen. Even once you beat the game by completing all the required Quests, you may continue playing to earn trophies and do optional Quests. Click on it, and it will move where you tell it to. Southeast in the river behind some rocks.

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They will tell you they are too busy to talk. Coal can be found as loose nuggets on the ground, in visible veins that can be worked with a pickaxe, or below ground in Coal Mines. As soon as you get to the location, choose one Coal Mine to defend. Now you will need to earn money for a ticket. Walk along the bottom of the scene.

Eventually they will find the thief. However, you can chain build commands. If you want more deer to show up, you have to shoot some of the rabbits first. The third section starts with our List of all Quests. You have to right-click on one, wait for the Hero to collect, then right-click on the next one.


Some are easier than others. Keep checking the Quest Log and it will give you details about what you need to do to get to the next town on the map. Walk across the bridge in the west and then you will be able to walk down to the fossil. Citizens can pick up loose food, dig holes, work at Farms and Ranches, pick berries, and Fish.

Deputies and Sheriffs are gunfighters who are also Lawmen. There is one more reason why you might want to continue. They will open crates but will not dig.

Build a second bridge going south. The other wants to farm, but he wants to farm something other than radishes. The Quest is triggered by the arrival of this person. The cheese will appear on the ground outside the pen.

This Quest occurs fairly late in the game. Some of them will not unlock until after you have gone to other towns and returned. Once all the Fish are caught, just have the Citizen quit that job and go someplace else for awhile. Have your Hero or a Citizen take each box to the canyon. Find where the railroad tracks cross the river on the west side of town.

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If your review isn't R-rated, it will be posted shortly. There will be a large red arrow by them. It will open because you have the key. This will get you through times of plague without problem.

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It will just look like a regular big log. When it does, you can tell it has a key on its neck. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

Remember there is no pick-up chaining in Westward. Many experienced Westward players create a Save File when things are going great. All Aboard The patriarch of the Turner Railroad Company has gone missing and it's up to you to find him while running the family business.

Station the Bounty Hunter near the tracks. Eventually you will find the thief. Once you have everything, your Hero can repair the tracks. On the far left is the name of one of your current Quests. This mission will repeat with variations throughout the game.

All Aboard, a thrilling real-time strategy adventure! All Aboard Ride the rails to fun in this unique adventure sequel! Make sure everyone is at full health. Before you attempt this Quest, jailbreak for ipad 2 make sure all your gunfighters are at full health and have upgraded weapons.

You have to take a roundabout way to get here. Upgrade the Ranch, switch one pen to Cows, and employ a skilled Farmer there. If you encounter Bandits, your gunfighters will engage and the Hostages will run away. Stranded Lumberjack Quest, required Woodinville The purpose of this tutorial Quest is to teach you how to build bridges that run horizontally instead of vertically.