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The two Gothic towers were equally high. In the damaged altar returned to the church. In addition to day and night times, the positions of the sun, moon, and fixed stars can also be read off the clock. The main altar between the nave and chancel was installed in place of the former rood loft. Remains found near the organ were used as an example.

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The predella is dedicated to Christ's birth. It is the oldest almost completely preserved astronomical clock in the Baltic region and also the oldest mechanical clock in the world that still contains its original wheels.

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This was followed by the completion of construction of the north tower. In the beginning, the building material of the church building was brick. It has a wheel train with a mechanical escapement.

The city council turned a blind eye to this, especially because some councillors and the mayor himself had converted to Protestantism. The Berlin painter August Grimmer painted the leaf decorations in the arcades of the choir. The nave, the aisles, and tower chapels were painted by the Linnemann brothers from Frankfurt. The buttresses were thus drawn inward and vaulted chapels were built in the space freed up between the towers.

The fourth table shows the marketing of these products by Russians to Stralsund merchants. The planning and building in the oldest part of Stralsund continued alongside the planning of the Town Hall in the Old Market. The construction work was done by the Stralsund sculptor Thomas Phalert, dating seiten würzburg a student of Schlüter.

They were scattered throughout the church, often attached to the pillars. The wings and the central part feature numerous carved figures, all depicting the story of the Passion. The grand altar is crowned with a crucifix and statues that represent hope and faith. Altars and shrines were destroyed or stolen.

The wealth of the city of Stralsund was reflected in the very large number of altars in the church. Parts of the walls of the side aisles served as an abutment from then on. The buttresses of the aisles were connected externally to create space in the interior.

It is the largest organ built in Germany in the period which is still functional today.

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Bekanntschaften stralsund

Most of the altars were owned by guilds, though some were owned individual families. Above it is a representation of the Last Supper. The just-completed choir of the church hall had to be demolished to make way for the choir of the new basilica, which consisted of an inner choir and an ambulatory. The statue shows the remnants of the original paint and is one of the earliest statues of Anna Selbdritt in the Baltic region. At that time, the council decided to build two towers.