Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life

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Spiritual discipline sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice takes time and determination! It was that, blended with an equally strong devotional zeal, that made him wise and great in the Kingdom of God. And it makes you feel like a tired, staggering juggler on a highwire, trying to keep a dozen eggs in the air with someone else wanting to throw you a half dozen more. My Thoughts This book was originally recommended to me by a friend, maybe a year or so ago, and he absolutely loved it.

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What would you like to know about this product? Richard Foster makes the same point, referring to learning as the Discipline of study. But if you're feeling overwhelmed and like you need encouragement, the guilt-tripping is incredibly unhelpful.

Religious thought is the prerequisite to religious affection and obedient action. Wonderful, applicable, pointed discipline, for the purpose of godliness. The more we know Him the more we are able to love Him. She teaches classes for seminary wives and is an artist, muralist, and illustrator. It is the kind of book that should be read at least annually.

Of course, I only say that now after having read it at the end. Meditation is the absorption of Scripture.

Christians who want to grow more in their spiritual life. Given millennia, I shall, by the grace of God, be conformed to the image of Christ. If you try to do it all at once its overwhelming and not helpful. You have to go up to the interstate where he travels.

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Sp Since reading Donald Whitney's book on prayer last fall, mohra 3gp video songs I've been wanting to read his earlier book on spiritual disciplines. Excellent overview of the spiritual disciplines.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ultimately, it's a matter of the heart, you can do all these things but have a unclean heart in which God can change alone.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney

Conversely, much revelation of God fosters much focus on God, which in turn evokes much worship of God. Victory doesn't come without struggle. Did you read the Bible today? Good fly-over of the disciplines.

Whereas another person can do all these things, and be a pharisee, thinking their better than everyone else because they fast more or pray more. There is humility with the truly wise because they know there is so much they have yet to learn.

Bible intake, prayer, worship, evangelism, serving, stewardship, fasting, silence and solitude, journaling, and learning. For the record, it was written at least two decades before his newest book on prayer.

However, I do think that this is a book that is better as a reference than a sit down and read it all. However, the way the premise is worked out in these pages leave much to be desired. God is not against effort, only against earning Willard. Biblical intake includes hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, and applying. You should be more like Jonathan Edwards.

There are too many Christians today that are out of shape, thus there's no change. Packer, in the foreword, says every Christian should read it, wait another month then read it again, and finally, read it again. We find in Scripture how God wants us to live, and what brings the most joy and satisfaction in life. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, however, takes a different approach.

Since reading Donald Whitney's book on prayer last fall, I've been wanting to read his earlier book on spiritual disciplines. Now updated and revised to equip a new generation of readers, this anniversary edition features in-depth discussions on each of the key disciplines. He emphasized the fact that we must be purposeful in our lives as Christians.

Don is a frequent speaker in churches, retreats, and conferences in the U. Near the end of the book, Dr.

This would also be good for small groups as iron sharpens iron, and accountability can be established. You might get the impression, I didn't like or enjoy the book. This sort of thing comes out in how guilt-trippy Whitney is.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Spiritual disciplines for the christian life

The former felt genuine and really served to draw out the grace on which we rely, while the latter felt awkward and forced, and thus seemed to be muted in its presentation and power. In all honesty, the main reason I'm not entirely sure I agree is that I don't entirely remember what was said.

Spiritual disciplines for the christian lifeSpiritual disciplines for the christian life