Selling 101 Zig Ziglar

Open Preview See a Problem? Take this summary with you and read anywhere! It was very direct it dealt a lot with how to deal with irate belligerent and profane customers how to disarm them.

Selling 101 Summary

This one is going in the library. While reading I always had questions in my head about something said and literally every time I got a I have been in sales longer than I realized This is an awesome book. Selling by Zig Ziglar is where you should start. While reading I always had questions in my head about something said and literally every time I got an answer either on the next page or next chapter.

More on this topic By the same author. If you interrupt, the two minutes it starts over. All examples are drawn from personal experiences and other stories that are suitable for the situation. Good read for anyone in sales.

Going through his processes, I discovered that my partner and I had naturally been doing some of these things when we started our business, but with less of a formal agenda. If you ar Very good introduction to some of the principles and methods that are central to every salesmen's career. This means we are now targeting a different market than we were originally, and it's time to refine our sales process.

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As a new starter at sales, I found this book very useful. In my case, closing the sale would be an area to further explore. They are subjected to feelings of frustration, paranoia, anxiety, nervousness, discouragement and self-doubt.

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There were some questions, that really peaked my interest to understand more, to serve more. We are now in the point of our business where the competition locally has grown, and I feel those competitors are working harder to book clients when they meet them. It was a very informative overall book on being persistent when closing the sale and what to do in various situational instances.

This handy manual will provide know-how that is usually gained only by experience in the field. Prominent salespeople are always on the lookout for such parties.

This is a quick overview of selling that every new salesperson should be required to read. The premise of this book - and most thoughtful books on selling - is that when used appropriately, avg internet security 2011 selling is all about discovering a clients problem and seeing if you can help them.

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As a salesperson, you are your own boss no matter what company employs you or which supervisor checks your call sheets. This book was a great source for us as we refine how we want to hold client consultations in the future.

The most important takeaway for me is selling the benefits rather than the product itself. Ziglar is one of the best of all time and reading his books and watching his motivational and sales videos has brought great results for my business. Zig Ziglar is a popular motivational speaker. Zig Ziglar writes about honesty, awareness, reciprocity, satisfaction, trust, communication, support, integrity and emotional intelligence. Main reason prospects say no is they don't know enough to say yes.

Selling 101 SummarySelling by Zig Ziglar (ebook)

It is best used as a primer to determine where your weaknesses are so that you can find other material to shore them up. Zig lived in Plano, Texas, with his wife, Jean. Get feedback and see whether your product truly has proven its worth. If you believe that sales are merely a result of luck, you will not improve. Best step by step beginners sales book I've ever come across, Zig is simply the master salesman.

Very good introduction to some of the principles and methods that are central to every salesmen's career. Convenient size and format make this book easy to digest in bite size portions.


The part of time management, priorities and focus is very clear. Most people won't complain for more than two minutes straight. Here in a short, compact and concise format is the basics of how to persuade more people more effectively, more ethically, and more often.

In a world of almost no geographic barriers and free markets, differentiating is harder than ever. It's a quick read, and packed with concrete advice. The idea of selling has such a negative connotation for most people, and I always considered it kind of sleazy before I started a business. Provide additional reasons, features, functions, benefits.

If you are selling something that you would not sell to your loved ones, sell something else. Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands.

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This is a very easy to understand book about the basics of sales. Overall, a worthy read if you are small business owner or anyone new to the sales industry. Zig Ziglar was a motivational teacher and trainer who traveled the world over, delivering his messages of humor, hope, and encouragement.