Sad Violin Background Music

Mood transforms from melancholic to hopeful. You will gain the copyright in it. Will give amazing emotional and sentimental atmosphere for your projects and videos! Contemporary Romantic Evening. Suitable for the dramatic moments, the final battle of the good against the bad, glorious victory, or sports highlight compilation.

Whilst seemingly an unwanted emotion, sad continues to be a highly desired music. An epic, heroic, dramatic, inspirational original score. Perfect for a fantasy movie, heroic games trailers, video montage, final scenes of victory and other media video projects. Featured instruments are piano, celli, viola, violins.

Village Festival is a loop with an Irish atmosphere, happy and rhythmic, with authentic strings, flute and violin. Heartful and emotive tune with sad and hopeful melody. It is funny music like the music of Jews from Odessa.

Sad background music royalty free

Featuring instruments are piano, cello, viola, violins. Instrumental sad background music collection.

Slow piano background music

Slow piano background music

Royalty Free Violin Music Background Download MP3Sad Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

The slow melody of violins makes the track really dark, e film software giving the impression of hopelessness and melancholy. Instruments include piano and violins.

Featuring a piano with chamber instruments Cello, Violin and Glockenspiel. Ideal for productions related to cooking, dining or friendly, family atmospheres. Perfect as sad music for productions, lonely scenes in videos. Conveys an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and contemplation.

Royalty free Sad music

Violins and cellos in particular are still often used in all genres of music for this effect. Music has small variations in tempo making it more lively.

Contemplative emotional Piano chords backed with longing sad strings and mournful cello. Perfect for dark or sad cinematic productions, but can be used in other projects as well. Similarly to how the aforementioned artists produced symphonies for operas, music is now essential in soundtracking movies to heighten the viewer's connection to it.

This is dark and suspenseful piano music, full of tension and mystery. This is a piece of emotional and sentimental piano music, full of memories and sadness.

This piano solo track, creating a sad and slightly nostalgic impression. The music slowly builds up into a dramatic climax.

Royalty Free Violin Music Background Download MP3

An ethereal vocal and violin join the proceedings and add the finishing touches. Beautiful epic motivational track with powerful inspiring and heroic mood.

This sad and tragic royalty free background music track could be used as an accompaniment to an art house film or a slow dance. Great for melancholy and sorrow, depressing background, apocalypse and apocalyptic scenes, tragedy and disaster films, post-war battlefield and other. Multiple strings, piano, drums and percussion are combined to create full of emotional feeling music. Sad, dramatic and melancholic instrumental music track. Need exclusive music for your project?

The composition sounds awesomely grand. An inspirational track filled with hope, love, innocence and discovery. Leisurely arpeggios and the memorable melody are easy to perceive any type of audience. The sequenced piano phrase, which is the basis of the rhythmic of the track creates the perfect backdrop for a meditative state of consciousness. Sad, emotional and dramatic music in cinematic style.

Great for trailers, weddings, and projects that need a touching soundtrack. Mysterious, enigmatic, emotive piano piece. Deeply philosophical and atmospheric track with beautiful melody. Moody, emotional and bittersweet.

Featuring piano, a light drum loop and various fx, this would be ideal for videos, podcasts, etc. Happy country loop, with an Irish village atmosphere. It can bring an entire scene to life even when no words are being spoken such is the power attributed to this one single instrument. The most interesting track of the collection. Great for movie trailer, motivational scenes, adventures games and other projects.

Bright notes of the piano unsuccessfully trying to resist this, but there is no power over time. An epic soundtrack for film trailers, games, powerful presentations, and any other inspiring projects. Suitable for social advertisements, serious life themes, suspicious moments, dramatic cinematic scenes, and more. Contemporary Romantic Morning. Positive folk guitar, washtub bass, fiddle, banjo - the best set for good old native music.

Traditional bluegrass country. Heartful and dreamy piano orchestral tune with touchful and emotional mood.

Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument. Loop and full version available. Acoustic and electric slide guitars, different percussions from shaker to bombastic drum sounds. You can almost feel the orchestra right in front of you. Elegant, light and rising track, has the simple touching and light melody of the piano, with a feeling of pensive restraint.

Several disturbing piano notes in the ending form a sense of impending tragedy and some tension. Good for advertisement projects, bright moments, successful achievements, inspirational narration, or cinematic adventures. Perfect soundtrack for a family reunion, Mediterranean sea vacation, love romance scene, first date at the restaurant, first wedding dance and more. Emotional Piano Underscore. Melancholy and contemplative piano with strings.

The latter uses a sparse piano, which is another instrument synonymous for producing a sad song. Stylish contemporary chillstep production music. The Great Journey Of Life.