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Perhaps the best office suite for Android, Polaris Office provides the capabilities you need and is similar to what Pages and Word provide, without Word's file and sharing limitations. To use Office for iPad, download the any of the apps you want from the App Store Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive are all available separately and launch one of them to activate your account.

The must-have iPad office apps round 8

And on the iPad it works beautifully when creating complex slide transitions and element effects, which competing apps can't do. Plus, train games drive it supports the iPad's native keyboard and Share facility. How saving works in Word for iPad. Evernote Another note-taker you should consider is Evernote.

Outdo iWork in both form and function. Occasionally Microsoft will get too cute, however. Few apps support OneDrive natively, so you'll need to transfer files. Taking notes is a very personal activity, and dozens of apps for the iPad reflect all those preferences.

Thank you Your message has been sent. Use keyboard shortcuts with an external keyboard. Microsoft OneNote is similar in many respects, but it's too complex for our taste.

Its only advanced feature is its extensive support for cloud storage, including iCloud. How the iPad substitutes fonts. With a qualifying Office subscription, you'll have access to the app's extra features. This review was also updated to note the lack of printing features in the original version. Choose Account In some cases, you will get a message saying you have more than one account and you should choose which type of account you want to use.

Launch the app and click the person in the upper left hand corner. The on-the-go business app toolkit for the iPad Of the tens of thousands of apps available for the iPad, only a relative few are must-have tools for business use. All I saw was the default circular view, however. Microsoft includes numerous useful templates for Excel for iPad.

The must-have iPad office apps round 8

Tap Turn on Notifications to enable alerts or Not Now to opt out. Must-have productivity iPad apps.

Compare the version history of a file. As Apple, Google, and Microsoft battle over in-the-cloud office editing on the desktop, the action on the iPad centers around native apps.

Follow the instructions to purchase a plan, or select May be later if you want to use the apps without a subscription. Numbers allows several on a page.

Microsoft Office for iPad review Finally True productivity on your tabletNeed help setting up and using Office apps on an iOS device


What will the new version of Office for the Mac look like? Tap any Office app like Word to launch it. An Office subscription is required to edit as well as create documents.

The rest of the iPad presentation editors. Swipe through the three screens or let the app do it and on the third screen click Continue. For that matter, the formulas not functions, as Excel Online calls them are neatly organized by category, similar to how Excel organizes them. Why can't I simultaneously work with others on a shared document? The rest of the alternative cloud-based office editors.

There are fancier ones in the App Store, but Calculator Original's simplicity keeps us going back to it. Microsoft Office for iPad. Who doesn't need a calculator now and then? Simply put, iWork Keynote is an amazing slideshow editor. Fortunately, you can get an iPad version of that familiar iPhone calculator for free.

And it can only view presentations. For example, Microsoft built a custom keypad into Excel to smooth data entry and speed the entry of formulas. Was this information helpful?


Microsoft Office for iPad review Finally True productivity on your tablet

Check here for the most current system requirements. Then there's the new Microsoft Office taking them all on. Images can be resized and moved at the touch of a finger. It's languished for several years, so it's not a good investment choice the recent update was trivial.