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Though it's nice to have a program that isn't packed full of buttons and other toolbars, it's also sometimes unfortunate. Benefits of a clearly laid out hard disk Whenever it saves data, Windows scatters file fragments all over the hard disk and this slows down access times considerably.

About Auslogics Founded in in Sydney, Australia, Auslogics has grown into an industry leader in the production of computer maintenance and optimization software for Microsoft Windows. Extremely compact, easy to use and fast. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, gps for samsung mobile you agree to the use of cookies.

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For instance, you can choose to restart and run a defrag and then restart again automatically, or just to run a defrag and then shutdown the computer. You can optionally run through a Quick configuration wizard to easily set up scheduling or immediately optimize a drive. What We Like Supports optimizing and defragmenting the drive Lets you enable an automatic shutdown for when the defrag finishes There's a portable option Includes other programs you might like. You can also run a boot time defrag to defragment files that are normally locked by Windows. Duplicate File Finder Free Download.

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Defragmentation can even make the difference if you lose important data because chances of full recovery are better on a defragmented disk. There are very specific scheduling options available in Puran Defrag like running an automatic defrag every so many hours, when the system goes idle, or when the screensaver starts. What We Don't Like Might be confusing if you don't want to deal with all the extra options Doesn't support idle defragging Installs another program unless you uncheck that option during setup. Common functions like repairing, defragging, and optimizing drives are as simple as any of these other programs. Places system files to the faster part of the disk, minimizing the time needed for the hard drive to access them.

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How to upgrade BoostSpeed to ver. Disk SpeedUp has very specific settings.

SpeeDefrag isn't actually a defrag program in and of itself. What We Don't Like Missing standard features like scheduling The other included mini programs are overwhelming if you need just the defrag tool The program no longer gets updated. All of these values can be customized. File Recovery Free Trial Purchase. Auslogics Disk Defrag comes as a regular, installable program but can also be used in a portable mode for use on removable media.

Build your own customized solutions based on our technology. The intelligent defrag algorithm places system files where they can be accessed faster for improved performance.

It also clears cache files in other parts of Windows that could help speed up a defrag. Download Toolwiz Smart Defrag.

Whenever it saves data, Windows scatters file fragments all over the hard disk and this slows down access times considerably. Affiliate or Reseller Program.

Please disable your ad-blocker to continue using FileHippo. Windows Slimmer Visit website. What We Don't Like Some of the features are only usable if you pay Can't defrag automatically when the computer is idle Setup might attempt to install another program.

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As soon as you start the program, you are presented with a concise overview of your entire hard disk. For more advanced features, such as boot-time defrags, multiple file placement options and a lot more, use Disk Defrag Pro. Windows versions supported.

Media and Press Inquiries. What product is best for me. Disk Defrag Free Free Download. If you're looking for a program that's super simple to use and isn't bogged down with confusing settings or buttons, this program is absolutely perfect. What We Don't Like Advanced changes require you to edit a configuration file Scheduled defrags are hard to turn on.

What does Disk Defrag Free do? Explore our range of free defragmentation tools and find the right solution for you. Registry Defrag Free Download. Defrag software programs are tools that arrange the bits of data that make up the files on your computer so they're stored closer together. Website or Software Suggestions.

Most defrag tools only allow you to defrag an entire drive. More advanced users can build their own custom scripts, which can actually be very detailed to deeply customize the way MyDefrag works. Before starting, you can choose to run a fast, normal, or intelligent defrag. The default install is just fine for regular users. By shutting down unnecessary programs, it can utilize more system resources to make the defrag tool run quicker.

Scheduling defrags with Wise Care is not supported. For business use Request a free trial Request a tailor-made quote Find a resale partner. One thing I don't like about Puran Defrag is that it tries to install additional programs during setup. All versions of Windows include a built-in defrag program, which I've ranked in this list.