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Choose from around ringtones uploaded under various categories. Free mobile ringtones for all type of phones, shared and submitted by our users. They're doomed, which is what makes the film so beautiful. Unconvinced and faced with an arranged marriage, she hits the road, looking for the truth. In this new era of assertive directors, television producers took up the vacated middle ground, self-consciously delivering characters into living rooms, with no director to get in the way.

Tom Berninger is the slacker brother of The National frontman Matt Berninger, who gave him a job as a roadie for a tour several years back. They created personalized symbolic worlds that mapped fuller and deeper realities than those of the familiar modes of unquestioned realism. Only a very jaded Santa might bring you this off-beat Christmas indie, which looks at tragedy amid the forced joy of the holidays. The film is proof that she is a star in the making.

Share On sms Share On sms. Finally, a breakout role for comedy stalwart Kathryn Hahn! Had it been released theatrically, it would have been on the list.

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Instead of doing his menial work, Tom mostly tooled around with a mini camera. Share On link Share On link. This is all you need to know. These were filmmakers who outran the confident naturalism of the seventies and the nostalgic verities of the eighties in pursuit of their own disruptive extravagances.

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It's cool to set Jazz songs as Ringtone. Interview with the Vampire director Neil Jordan returns to the bloodsucker genre with a very unconventional mother-daughter story. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day.

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Another Nick Offerman appearance on this list! It's a shame because this film about three teenage buddies who run away from home and build a house in the woods was a real treat. Set over several decades, the film stars Michael Shannon as Richard Klukinski, a real-life contract killer for the mob who claims to have bagged upward of targets.

This fictional film is one of two movies from French director Michel Gondry this year read an interview with him about his other one here. The year has been an amazing one for movies, though maybe every year is an amazing year for movies if one is ready to be amazed by movies. The best movies this year are films of combative cinema, lucida casual font audacious inventions in vision. Easily create your own distinctive ringtone.

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He's gotta turn his life around, and ironically, it's whiskey that just may help him do it. They brutally murder a whole slew of people people who annoy them. Choose a ringtone that is new and popular and make sure that it is not boring, old-fashioned or irritating. Despite the acclaim and relatively well-known cast that's led by Jared Leto, it took two years for the film to premiere in the U.

Nick Offerman co-stars as his best buddy, while Jess Weixler also has a prominent role as the wife of Poulson's character. Plus, Lena Dunham has a short cameo.

They go on tour in Vietnam, sing for troops as the war escalates, and things get very real, but the film never looses its spirit or comedic edge. David Cross and Julia Stiles lead a cast of bitter friends getting together for a nice meal as the world around them crumbles. But if you need more, know that this David Gordon Green-directed dramedy is a smart, talkative study of two unlikely friends forced to confront demons in the vast emptiness of nature. Before Captain Phillips hit theaters this fall, this Danish hit depicted the high-stakes drama that goes down when Somali pirates hijack cargo ships.

When a stripper played by another breakout star, Juno Temple becomes her baby's nanny, things really start to change. Tense, occasionally violent, and filled with quiet moments of contemplation, it's a worthwhile watch, even if you did see or plan on seeing the Tom Hanks hit.

Share On vk Share On vk Share. The stress of her job is only compounded by her secret pregnancy, and the troubled past that still haunts her. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. This drama from Sally Potter features Elle Fanning as a girl growing up in s London, as the world changes. This dramedy features Hahn stuck in a very boring life, trudging through a sexless marriage to Josh Radnor and forced to deal with the petty women of her community.

Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. This may sound amusing, but studies show that your ringtone explains a lot about your personality.

This documentary looks at two small-time New York artists, deep into their fifth decade of marriage, as they continue to plug away at their passion projects and their lives together. Yes, its true, just like your favorite color, book, movie or food, your choice of ringtones too reflect your character and personality.

The ever-increasing prominence of television is, in turn, sparking a renewed reflection on the part of filmmakers about what cinema is, and what it can be. Oh, he also has to deal with his own relationship issues, and the fact that his dad's second wife played by a deliciously awful Amy Poehler hates him.

Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Ken Marino has a killer demon growing in his ass too much lobster? Director Jordan Vogt-Robert's feature debut was a hit at Sundance, but got lost in the summer blockbuster buzz. It's cool to set Dance songs as Ringtone.

For more on that and the film, check out this in-depth conversation with Washington. And, for what it's worth, Adam Scott drew great cartoon dicks on the A. Here's lots more from Vogt-Roberts. Lots of human pettiness makes for some funny, uncomfortable viewing. The conflict between the dependent image and the essential image, between the transparent and the conspicuous, is real and serious.

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Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp. Director Lenny Abrahamson's quiet drama about a teenager's bright future gone awry is filled with angst and difficult decisions.