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Welcome to the Forensic Analysis blog formerly the Forensic Photoshop blog. Page Click Save to apply your settings. Taking Screen Shots The system can take screen shots of a selected channel during live playback. Select Enable to enable a user password.

However, safety is your responsibility too. Plan where you will route the wiring for the camera, and where you will aim the camera. Go to the last, go to the end of the video clip.

Connecting to your Lorex IP cameraYou May Also Like

Drag the mouse cursor over the area where you want to disable motion detection. Select the desired channel.

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a superior Blu-ray media player software for Windows-based computers. Blu-ray Media Player from iReal intends to do more and go further, accubid software in every way. Aurora Blu-ray Player for Mac is the best and most powerful blu-ray player software for Mac in the world. It is possible to control the system and configure menu settings via the user friendly software interface.

It's inappropriate or not family friendly. Create Customer Statements. Disconnects the currently selected camera channel. Moving on to the file and the reason for my call. Other trademarks are the property of Lorex Technology Inc.

Deletes the currently selected remote site. This allows you to see your mouse cursor, and have full control of the system on a secondary monitor. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. Username and password will be sent to you via email. Connecting Cameras Connecting Cameras Connecting Cameras Before you mount the cameras, test to ensure the cameras have no problems.

Donate today and support the Forensic Photoshop blog. Displays the system log data of the remote site selected. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Select admin in the user list. This menu enables the system to process a text-in input such as data from a Point Of Sale device as an event.


Full Name Job Title Email. Obtaining Your Router Model Number and Version On most routers, the model and version number can be found underneath the router, printed on a sticker. Recording Recording By default, the system is set to immediately record video from connected cameras in Continuous Recording Mode. This business is closed or doesn't exist.

Beside the desired channel, click to capture an image. Monitor home, baby, business, traffic. Displays an hour-based search screen for the chosen date.

Lorex player software

Select a camera channel from the selected remote site. All warnings and instructions in this manual should be followed. Select the channel you wish to apply the settings to. It can support Mac systems perfectly, especially the lion system.

Click Open to add the file to the video playlist. The setup screen is equal to the one of the Client software. Inaccurate time stamps may render your footage unusable for court evidence. The main screen for the Lorex Backup Player will load.

The default mode is to display all cameras at once. To share these files, you must convert them into. Configuring Mobile Device Settings Remote Viewing Configuring Mobile Device Settings You can change the user name, password and port number required to log in to the system using a mobile device i. This is where setting up Port Forwarding becomes important. The magical software also enables you to select your needed audio track and subtitle as well as the video track, subtitle track.

Plays video frame by frame. This gives you the flexibility to re-arrange the order that your camera channels are displayed. Place the new drive in the housing.

Download Lorex Cirrus for Windows

Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When a malfunction occurs, it may not be serious and can be corrected easily. Double-tap the channel to view video in full screen. When you first open the Search Menu, it displays the current month and date.

Close the Lorex Client program. The technician directed me to the Lorex web site and pointed out the location to input the number. Finish button Double-click the Lorex Auto Port Forwarding shortcut from your desktop to start the program.

We are processing your message. Do not use liquid aerosol detergents. Support MultiChannel video encoder.

Each user can have different privileges in the system. He then asked for the model number, which I happily provided. Atlanta seeks to add surveillance cameras Half of Muni surveillance cameras fail in audit Accreditation or Certification? MonitorBee is surveillance monitor app for home and business security. Write a private message as Lorex verified representative.

Normal, continuous recording You can set the system to stop recording once the hard drive is full, or to continually record by overwriting previously recorded data. Click the Remote Setting tab. Enter your password to start the Client software. Select how many hours the user. Favorite Group The drop down menu appears as shown below.

Copying settings to different days You can copy the recording settings and apply them to different days. Select the checkbox beside the user you wish to configure Authority Select the menu items you want the user to have access to. Right-click anywhere onscreen and select Rec Search.

In the filename field, enter a desired file name. From the Device menu, click Motion. Delete Duplicate Emails Pst. Select the type of recording you wish to audio-enabled cameras not included.