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What kind of executable files can LaserLock protect? Can LaserLock protect Data file? This speeds up the repair process improving cycle times.


Our latest LaserLock version has been tested under the latest advanced copying software. In that case he must use the implementation method of LaserLock, where a software library is provided to the customer containing LaserLock protection. Authentication takes seconds depending on the drive.

Are there any special requirements for the Mastering House to apply LaserLock? The only way that we could use LaserLock for data protection is if the data were somehow encrypted and there is an executable that decrypts them.

High-speed, high-resolution color printer is stored in cabinet bottom. In this case we can protect the executable that makes the decryption. Another case in multiple executables is when a protected executable calls another one. LaserLock is no longer available for floppy-discs.

Upper Body Bar Package Real-Time Measuring Optional upper body bar allows you to measure the roof, trunk or even two strut towers at once. The customer must also keep in mind that the setup executable should be unique. The only restriction is that the executables should not be launched simultaneously. Plus vertical surface attachment enables comparative vertical measurements on upper body openings, like doors and windows. LaserLock is meant to protect the main executable of an application.

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You see repair data real time while performing a pull. LaserLock can protect both executables, but the delay of the multiple authentication process may be annoying for some users.

The results were extremely positive. Can the pre-mastering be done by other than LaserLock? Image Editor Create disc images or edit existing ones with easy tool Image Editor. Should a customer need to protect his setup program, LaserLock could be applied to the setup executable.

Has LaserLock incompatibility issues. Every customer can ask LaserLock to open an account in the LaserLock on-line tools in order to do the LaserLock pre-mastering in-house. Is LaserLock available for floppy-discs?

By now it is a mature and robust product having bypassed most of the compatibility issues that surfaced during the first years. So, if someone copies the data files, he can not use them because they are encrypted and if he copies the protected executable it will not work without the LaserLock disc inside his drive.

LaserLock can protect multiple executables using the same disc e. My software You have not saved any software.

Otherwise a user could replace the protected -executable with the standard executable of the relative setup utility Install Shield, Wyse etc. How do I get technical support? Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.

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Last but not least a customer might want to check the authenticity of a LaserLock protected disc not every time the application is launched, but at regular intervals. Burn files, master bootable discs or save created projects to image files for further mounting. Target Extensions Handy extensions attach to your existing targets, making them longer and allowing you to measure around underbody obstructions. Home News Partners Contact us. Now you don't have to think of creating and managing your virtual devices just use Quick Mount option and start working with your Image Catalog.

LaserLock stampers can be used as standard stampers at every pressing factory. Although mastering can take place only at one of the LaserLock Mastering Licensees worldwide, youtube flute music you can press your optical disks at the pressing factory of your preference.

LaserLock uses its own proprietary tools to inject the LaserLock code into the executable. Find Sales Representative. Optional upper body bar allows you to measure the roof, trunk or even two strut towers at once. LaserLock pre-mastering and mastering does not affect the data files of the customer. Measure two reference points simultaneously with the Upper Body Bar.

What happens when the end user plays a LaserLock disc? What happens if the application contains multiple executables?

Laserlock Software - Free Download laserlock - Top 4 Download

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Can LaserLock protect all of them? Durable, powder-coated frame structure Secure body scanner storage drawer Secure computer and printer cabinet storage Two rotating casters and two fixed casters Complete volt or volt system.