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Kelso and Jackie

Red's birthday turns sour when Bob and Midge show up for dinner, but with their own dates. He says this several times in the third and fourth season. Eric thinks Donna doesn't confide with him as much as she does with others, while Jackie suspects Kelso is keeping something from her. Back at home, Red begins to watch soap operas under Midge's influence.

Kitty is upset at not being one of Midge's bridesmaids, while Kelso proves to Jackie he isn't as clueless about the two of them as she thinks he is. John Kelso's office job as a specialized statistician is unclear and confusing to Michael, who decides to make it up and say his dad is a farmer. So, Jackie has Kelso choose to kiss any girl at The Hub to make things even between them, and they can move on and be together again. Meanwhile, Laurie wants a real relationship with Kelso, and Kelso is unsure if he should continue dating her. When the show premieres, Jackie is dating Michael Kelso, a good-looking, brainless goofball.

Kelso realizes that he cheated before because Jackie has always been abusive to him and made him feel bad about himself. Among Kelso's most famous personality traits are conceit and sheer stupidity, performing a great number of idiocies on a regular daily basis. Later on, Kelso begins to spend less time with Jackie as a result of his joining a modeling agency, and dos she is caught kissing her boss by Eric. This section possibly contains original research. The two lost their virginity to each other after Michael and his friends got out of jail for riding in a car that was mistaken for being stolen.

Some episodes portray his household as loud and obnoxious, such as when he opens the door, yelling can be heard. Seeing money is tight in the Forman home, Hyde goes out to find a job at a photo-developing store, where the hippie Leo Tommy Chong is introduced. Eric inadvertently runs over Donna's cat, Mr. Jackie is upset because Kelso won't let her decorate his van, and Hyde and Fez go on a double blind date.

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She often insults him in front of his friends to get his attention, and just for the sake of bringing him up. Carsey-Werner Productions. Kelso's only plan was to coast through his life on his good looks, and when he believes this might not happen, he greatly overreacts. His behavior is very much in line with a stereotypical oversexed lunkhead. Kelso remains loyal to Jackie after that and stays with her throughout season four, and they enjoy a happier, more loving relationship.

Kelso and Jackie

Michael Kelso

  • Bob moves in with the Formans, much to Red and Kitty's dismay, forcing Red to come up with a plan to get him back into his own home.
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  • He tries to deal with it but can not and after Hyde cheats on Jackie, he thinks he has a shot but Hyde wants Jackie back too and fights with him over her.
  • Donna is upset with Eric for not telling her about Kelso and Laurie, while Hyde fools around with the knowledge on their relationship to Jackie and Laurie, much to Kelso's dismay.
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Michael Kelso

But Jackie beat him to it and broke up with him after a pregnancy scare. This prompts many jokes from the guys, convincing Eric he must do it the next time. First, after Kelso was caught kissing Pam Macy they got back together in the very same episode and again after a pregnancy scare.

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He is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher. They got back together later. Bonkers, and Fez is sent to the hospital after experiencing sharp, santa stabbing pains in his abdomen.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric and Donna have sex for the first time. She ends up choosing Kelso and gets a job. His suspicions on who the culprit is could lead to broken friendships. This was apparently a way to convince others he was mature, best friend is dating but his friends viewed it as boastful and annoying.

At one point, Jackie finds out and banned Kelso from coming to her ski trip, though Michael still attempts to find a way there. Kelso is kicked off the force, making him happily accept a better job as a security guard for a Chicago playboy bunny club from the sleazy owner who is played by guest star Bruce Willis. Kelso gets a makeover from Jackie, and Red starts looking for other jobs in town but hits a snag when he finds his former co-workers from the plant are after the same job he discovers.

Despite his stupid nature, he shows moments of shining intellect, demonstrating the ability to do fast mathematical division and fixing Red's Pong machine. Jackie wants to throw a small, classy party, but Kelso ruins it by inviting everyone. Many secrets are revealed.

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This makes Eric happy until Red fires Earl, leaving Eric to question his father's work attitude. Without warning, she brings up marriage to Kelso and decides that they're getting married. Kelso decides to break up with Laurie, but after she requests a goodbye kiss, Jackie notices and breaks up with him. He tries to end it, until Laurie threatens him with revealing his infidelity to Jackie.

Hyde teaches Jackie to be Zen when Laurie insults her. Eric wants to buy an anniversary present for Donna, but discovers his secret stash of money has been stolen. Jackie's suspicion with Kelso cheating on her grows, thus he asks Hyde how to keep covering up his secrets. Apart from acting incredibly stupid, Michael is also known to be quite sensitive.

Red has a heart-to-heart talk over his angry behavior with Eric. He then joins the last circle and calls Red a dumbass. The guys and husbands go deer hunting, while the girls and wives stay at home and play poker, how which Laurie cheats at so Kitty can win.

In the season four finale, Jackie and Kelso both agree that they don't want to stay broken up. He passes her tests, and they get back together. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. He has been lying about his age ever since.

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Kelso, feeling overwhelmed, flees to California. Kelso often remarks that he has an entire future planned out for him. Kelso and Jackie were once a couple, and was the first canon couple in the series, and have remained friends since their relationship has ended.

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But later during the season the couple goes through multiple breakups. Kelso is considered by many fans as the breakout character of the series. Things get even worse when he accidentally sets her house on fire.

  1. Eric and Donna have to tell their parents they were caught having sex in the back of Eric's Vista Cruiser by the police.
  2. Laurie moves out of the house and lies to Red about living with another man.
  3. Red finds out that Kelso is dating Laurie and decides to set him straight.
  4. They are the third most popular ship on the show, behind Eric and Donna, and Jackie and Hyde.
  5. Fez asks Jackie out for a date, but it doesn't go as he plans.

Jackie and Donna talk about sex. However, admitting that they miss each other, they got back together at the Junior Prom. However, it ultimately meets its fate when it sinks to the bottom of a river. Eric is jealous when a picture of Donna mooning the camera appears in the yearbook. The fourth-season premiere episode sees Eric envisioning a possible future with Donna, a woman he has not actually met.

Kelso's family is frequently referred to by other characters as being a large one, despite only one of his siblings actually appearing on-screen throughout the show's run. Following this revelation, he breaks up with her true to form, the breakup doesn't stick and they later reunite. With this storyline resolved and the end of Hyde and Jackie's relationship, Kelso resumes his police work duties.

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