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It Still Runs

January 2020

Owning a winch is more than having a cool piece of hardware on the front of your rig. Place the center of the winch template on the marked center and trace the winch template onto your trailer with your marker. Lie on your back and scoot underneath the trailer. Disconnect the negative cable from your car battery first and then the positive cable, dating ltr using a wrench for both.

  1. Double Line You can use a snatch block to increase your pulling power over short distances.
  2. Apply some Loctite to ensure the bolts don't come loose due to vibrations from the ride.
  3. This nut included in the kit has a rod welded to it so you can feed it up into the frame rail.
  4. As always, please refer to your instruction manual before operating your winch.
  5. Run the cables from your winch through this hole to the battery of your trailer.
  6. But, it is convenient to have it on your handlebars to control it while you steer, if needed.
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Items you will need Tools Winch Silicone lubricant Mounting plate. We used the predrilled holes in the frame extension brackets as guides for the holes we drilled into the brush guard side members. The upper bracket brace attaches at the frame rail on the bottom and the bracket up high.

It Still Runs

DIY Install a Winch on a Pickup Truck

Although less common with synthetic rope, gloves are still recommended to avoid rope burn. Place the black winch cable onto the negative batter post and tighten with wrench. Finally, connect the winch to the battery. Removing the bumper involves two bolts near each fender well.

There was no telling when tow trucks would be on scene, so I recovered as many as I could until help arrived. Take your time assessing the situation, and plan accordingly Make sure your battery can handle the additional load. Fact is, Cleanz is the coolest caulk you never knew you always needed!

  • If you have pre-installed winch wiring, use this as a guide.
  • Reconnect the negative battery cable on the battery post and tighten using a wrench.
  • Our state requires front license plates so we used the supplied brackets to put the plate on the pickup.
  • How to Install a Winch on a Jeep.
  • We used the supplied triangular trim plates to reinstall our tow loops on the frame extension.

Drotto Boat Latch

There was one morning in particular that caused several pileups on Skyline, one of them including five cars in a ditch. In our first pull we brought down a pine tree on a landscaping project. Finding yourself stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere can put a damper on anyone's afternoon. Drill the holes on the marked template lines. Test the connection by starting up the quad and powering up the winch.

You can improve the working capability of your truck by adding a winch. The upper brackets mount to the back of the bumper and curve up over the top of the bumper. Lock the clutch, connect the remote, and put line under tension. Attach the winch to the winch plate with the four winch plate bolts. After the winch was in, we installed the lower grill guard tube.

Drotto Boat Latch Videos

This will counteract a line if it breaks. Attach the fairlead to the front of the winch plate with two fairlead bolts using the torque wrench. Installing a winch on your Vehicles is the perfect addition Vehicles any off-road enthusiast. How to Install a Winch on a Trailer.

Open your winch kit and take out your winch template. Screw in one bolt partially and then repeat the process with the rest of the bolts. The science behind most products is usually a total snoozefest, denton hook up not with Cleanz.

This is a flat metal sheet in the shape of your winch. Not only does it get you to the jobsite or to the lumber yard and back, it hauls the other tools and supplies for your projects. We found that the factory tow loop bolts were too long for this application, so we threaded them back in the loops and cut them off before using them to install the tow loops. We put the bolts for the frame extensions in place before inserting into the frame opening and the bolts dropped right into place.

Winch Wiring Kit
How to Wire a Warn Winch on an ATV

Vehicles owners like the versatility that their Vehicles offers and adding a winch just makes you more prepared. Double check all connections before operation. Begin winching operation with short controlled pulls while operating your vehicle.

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All of the parts fit well, dating and the only milling needed was drilling a few holes. Gradually tighten each bolt evenly to avoid strain on your trailer or buckling. Never wrap a line around on itself.

How to Install a Winch on Vehicles

Place your winch over the holes and have a friend hold the winch in place. Triple Line The same technique applies as the double line, the difference is that two snatch blocks and two anchor points are needed. Be sure your switch is tapped into one of these wires. Run the switch wiring along the handlebars.

Take your ratchet set and bolts underneath the trailer. Secure the winch mount on the frame tabs behind the front bumper, making sure it is aligned with the holes on the frame. Take one of your bolts and place it up through each hole to make sure the holes are lined up properly. Known as Skyline, this area is notorious for causing pile ups, downed trees, and impassible conditions for cars. Install the roller fairlead and power switch.


Install the winch onto the mount. In some regards owning a winch includes an aspect social responsibility. If not, review your diagram and reinstall the winch if necessary.

Attach the red wire to the positive post of your battery and the black to the negative. Install the bolts, washers and nuts through the frame tabs. Usually the contactor is under the seat or in that vicinity.

In some cases, you may need to install a contactor box in order to complete this step. Attachments can be a tree, vehicle, kansas city online or steak. We put the electrical cables on the battery clamp bolt behind the existing nut. Depending on the model you also have to install a contactor box underneath the seat. It was no problem sliding the bumper past the frame extensions and re-fastening the bumper.

Drill a hole through your trailer and insert the rubber from the kit. If not, you may need to poke around for a bad connection. Reconnect the positive battery cable on the battery post and tighten using a wrench. Connect the final black cables to the battery.

The latter should go in a convenient place, like the handlebars. Setup a different line each time you hit the trail if you have time, this will give you the confidence and know-how to recover in even the most difficult situation. Shown is the front of our Super duty before installing the new winch.

Welcome to Superwinch

We threaded the electrical cables up through the grille to the passenger-side battery. You can put this switch wherever you want. This will power the winch and supply electricity from the battery. The bolts will go from the back into the feet of the winch.

If there is a break then the recovery strap acts as a rubber band for a shackle or winch hook. Finally, we performed the ceremonial attaching of the hook to the wire rope. So re-spool your winch before you go out! Mark the center of your trailer where you will mount your winch using a ruler and marker.


Drotto Boat Latch
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