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This program focuses on the third provision in the nursing code of ethics pertaining to protection. Mental Health Provider Our organization is a mental health provider.

Keep confidential information secure, safeguard your reputation and protect your bottom line with this powerful program! Help your organization comply with the Red Flags Rule with this new program. The version will depend on the type of organization you work for or will be working for. Once you know which regulations you need to comply with, then it is just a matter of knowing what you need to do to comply.

This important program will teach your employees everything they need to know about preserving patient rights - and will help prevent costly lawsuits from occurring at your facility. Any organization or person who works in or with the healthcare industry or who has access to protected health information. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to. Administrative Physical Technical Compliance and Enforcement. More Categories Close Menu.

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Efforts to maintain and protect confidential information once focused solely on paper medical records. Needless to say, employees who come in contact with this type of information are required to be sufficiently trained by their employers.

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Mental Health Provider I work for a mental health provider. Business Associate Our organization is a business that works in the healthcare industry. The theory behind our method is if your compliance officer built it, they will be able to maintain it going forward. What constitutes Protected Health Information?

These two tenets are at the core of the patient bill of rights. Employer Group Health Plan Our organization sponsors a group health plan for its employees. Business Associate I work for a business that works in the healthcare industry. Help me choose my version. Employees will learn what protected health information is, how to handle patient information with computers and the internet, administrative requirements and more.

The training videos and training materials that we provide are geared to meet all of the federal requirements for this training. Get all the latest updates right in your mailbox. Benefits Complete Compliance The exclusive online reference system providing everything you need to ensure your employee benefits plans comply with key laws and regulations.

National Safety Compliance. Confidentiality is the foundation for trust in the patient-caregiver relationship. This applies to people who change jobs or become too old for insurance as a dependent. Protecting personal health information is not only the law, but also an ethical and moral obligation of all healthcare professionals.

It addresses the specific definitions and rules that govern how health information is protected, and when it may be used, accessed, or disclosed. This course also explains and illustrates the basic legal requirements for implementation, with examples and scenarios in a variety of settings. Every patient who enters a healthcare facility deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and be empowered to make personal decisions about their healthcare choices. Because of its prevalence and damaging affects to an organization's productivity, morale, and culture, employers must try and actively prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in their organization. Training and compliance for the U.

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Afterwards, the last chair violinist select a hipaa training video from the selection below and then place your order. Business Training Media Home Contact. Other Trainings Available. National Safety Compliance has developed and approved this training video and materials to assist employers in complying with these regulations.

Information Center What's New? Modern medical recordkeeping has been transformed by computerized data-sharing, fax machines and e-mail into a marvel of increased productivity and a nightmare of confidentiality issues.

We hope you'll give us a try and in return we promise exceptional training and compliance products at an affordable price and to treat each of our customers with the utmost care and raving support. All printable documents may be printed or reproduced as many times as needed for use by purchasing employer. The need for attention to data security came about largely because of past abuses that occurred in many places in healthcare. To protect people from losing their health insurance if they change jobs or have pre-existing health conditions. Click here to purchase instant digital access.

Choose an option English Spanish Clear. This course covers the law's salient points and provides guidelines to meet its stringent requirements. To reduce the costs and administrative burdens of healthcare by creating standard electronic formats for many administrative transactions that were previously carried out on paper.

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