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Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Gold Miner Classic Gold Miner is one of most popular online games. Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth. You will need to have good skills in judging direction and have perfect timing to mine as much gold as possible in gold miner game.

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Your review should appear soon. Get, coins, gems and rocks into money earn and upgrades to increase your haul buy! Mie of this Etertaiig game today!

Mega Miner Search for coal, silver, gold and other precious items deep in the Earth's crust. Dynaminer In this game you need to dig your way in to the ground, grand theft auto vice city game 2010 to be able to collect all of the gold pieces. Haul in all the gold you can from the outback of Australia. Moon Miner Navigate your mining space ship drill to find out moon gold while keeping away from the national space control.

Prehistoric Gold Miner Catch the gold with a wooden arrow and grow up to be a tycoon. Between levels you can buy items that can help you. Play this game on your own website! Use bombs, increase grabbing speed, time and more. Share on Facebook Tweet Gift this game.

Why do people hate this because of no saving? Play the classic gold miner game, gold miner vegas and other gold miner games online. Two Player Gold Miner So you consider you are a pro in gold mine game. Collect gold, diamonds and other treasures to get the amount of money you need for every level! Press the down arrow to lower it.

Gold Miner Vegas

Add this game to your web page! Gold Well Operate the gold mining mechanical arm deep below our planet's crust to acquire gold. Pick up gold blocks as well as precious stones to get more points. Poker Pop Dot Balls Viking.

What more could you ask for? Enjoy better graphics and more levels. Mine the gold before time runs out.

Click on the track to move your cart left or right. Collect coins, gems, rocks and ancient relics. Once to you start playing you are hook, can't stop playing. With ew, challeges ad gadgets the actio is larger, brighter display more Ejoyable tha ever before. Gold Fishing There are pieces of stons and gold and it's your job to drop your fishing hook and get the nuggets of gold.

Other than that its a great classic game however I'm deleting it for that reason. You're a gold miner and it's your job, me so much gold and come up with the amount of money that you can.

Gold Miner Classic This is actually the first version of the gold miner game that started the gold miner series. Mega Miner Search minerals gold, silver, coal and other precious items. This is one of my go-to games when I need to relax both physically and mentally after a particularly trying day.

Mine this entertaining game today. Unlike most of the games i purchase this one is worth the credit because it so replayable although Finders Keepers is still by far my favorite of the series! Have you tried the full version of Gold Miner Vegas? Your money carries over from one level to the next.

When it has picked up something it'll pull it up. Vegas Gold Mier Vegas takes our bearded fried on the main vein moder day! Similar to gold miner games. From Australia to Las Vegas, dig up all kinds of goodies. This app can Access your Internet connection.

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The extra love points at the end of a level will carries up to the next stage. Upgrade your driller with the gold you collect. What's new in this version fix a bug.

By continuing on our website you consent to it. Heavy objects like rocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Gold Miner Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth.

If you don't meet your goal by the end of the level it's game over. Your username is permanent and yours forever. Recently Played Online Games. Try to grab as many treasures as possible.

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