Dating your ex brother in law, can you date your ex-lover s brother or sister - romance - nigeria


January 2020
To date my ex brother in law or no - relationship advice

Related Questions Should I date my ex husbands brother? This was awkward, but I honestly didn't think too much of it at that point, seeing as he never seemed interested in the past. We have been friends for years. My ex bil even said that my ex hubby only has people in his life when it's good for him.

All Discussions My Discussions Add. It has been a year and a half, and while they are all polite to me, well, my F-I-L and his wife are, my S-I-L won't speak to me, I know that they just view me as some sort of emotional obligation. The remaining brother married his sister inlaw. My exhusband and bil have the same dad - different moms. Mariposa, I am also seen by my late husband's family as an outsider.

You need to make your mind up if you really love Bill because if you did, you wouldn't worry about the so called fall out if your love affair became public. You're both wasting yours while you hide in the dark with your secret. One of the aunts passed away, then one of the brothers. Should i pay my daughter to take my atepsons's virginity? Ex husband dating sister-in-law?

Can I still fix things with my lover? Sitemap To date my ex brother in law or no? If both of you are happy then as the ex would you not want the the happiness? The first night they had reconnected was the same night I met his bil.

Should you date your ex-husbands brother

My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex? It's just not in good taste, you'll be tied down to the exact same family and you're going to create a rift between him and his brother, estj relationships and dating something a woman shouldn't come between. That would be my biggest worry.

Can you Date your Ex-Lover s Brother or Sister - Romance - Nigeria

Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Ning Create a Ning Network! The reasons why my ex and I split up are numerous but the main reason was we just didn't click or mix as a couple and I just wasn't really in love anymore.

We began dating immediately and stupidly things became serious. Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? My husbands brother is dating my husbands ex and got her pregnant? Would your ex try to sabotage your relationship by talking badly about you to his brother? Add your answer to this question!

Can you Date your Ex-Lover s Brother or Sister - Romance - Nairaland

My parents know and so do my best friends. He seemed very confused for a moment, then upset. The moderators, administrators, and others involved in running this site are not professionals. Is it normal for me to be feeling this way?


Should you date your ex-husbands brother
  • Yes, all five of his brothers never married.
  • And their relationship would be ruined if he ever found out.
  • We've also betrayed that decision many times since that first time.
  • For the sake of anonymity I'll call my brother in law Bill and my ex husband Ted.
  • What kind of appearance does she have?

For me it would be wrong now that some more time has passed. We still talk from time to time and even had dinner once to catch up! He is remarried and has a daughter now. We only have one life but if we live it properly, dating we only need one.


  1. My exhubby even told me one time that he didn't care what we did because apparently my ex bil mentioned something to do him about how he felt?
  2. Girlfriends brother a thorn in my side.
  3. Answer Questions My boyfriend is abusive, should I do something?
  4. Although complicated he is your ex.
Relationship Problems

But you're not, you're divorced and you're free to do what you want and see who you want. Our divorce was fairly pleasant and went really smoothly. In fact, all three of my sisters have dropped major hints about needing money as they have been financial disasters all of their lives. How does he feel if things went further, with his relationship with his brother?

Widowed Village connects peers with each other for friendship and sharing. After we sobered up in the morning, we decided that we shouldn't go forward with any kind of relationship because of our situation. But that is a personal thing, and everyone has their own opinion.

This site is run by widowed people, for widowed people. My brother has not made any hints for money, windows phone thank goodness. You will end up on the Jerry Springer show. They tried hanging out and being close brothers but it never really clicked.

Fell for my ex-brother-in-law... but it s complicated

It depends on how well you feel it would go over with his family. Now that would be scandalous, wouldn't it? As far as monetary help, I have always known that neither the in-laws or my own family could or would help me.

We have a very very strong connection. Yes, death brings out both the best and worst in people. My inlaws are very wealthy, yet every time I call them, free dating european site they make a point of telling me that they have no money. Newest problem with seperation.

You used the word betrayed, in reality you both are betraying yourselves and the entire family by keeping your relationship secret. The brother in law is actually a stepbrother and he's not close at all to yr ex husband and his mother. When I was talking to my ex bil awhile back he said that him and his brother basically have no relationship. Otherwise, you would not care so much about what others think.

Dating your ex Sister-in-Law
Fell for my ex-brother-in-law but it s complicated

Any advice would be much appreciated! As a girl, should I be driving an hour for a first date? As for his brother in law, I met him for the first time about a year before me and his brother got married.

People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex s Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out
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