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Others focus on a particular theme such as banks, fire-related toys, trains, how is half life used cars or pull toys. The different layers of colors appear in the order they were applied. Someone called me today asked me to look up a toy that she and her sister remember Maggie Mag Power. Do you know anything about this and what it is worth?

Like the automobiles, Hubley aircraft were manufactured from multiple pieces which were usually put together with Solid Rivets. Many repairs and replacement parts are made with epoxies, brass and aluminum which have no magnetic attraction. However, many of the more valuable early toys only had paper labels which have long since disappeared. Many doorstops bear identical color schemes, suggesting that decorators may have copied a model finished by a master artisan. This plane came in a variety of bright colors, need dating site and had spring-loaded retractable landing gear with thick rubber wheels.

Cast iron heated to degrees was poured into the sand mold and, when cooled, the form would pop out. He spent hours studying paint and interacted with collectors and dealers from all over the country. This leaves a hollow impression in both halves of the mold in the shape of the master pattern. Look carefully at the wear patterns on the doorstop, and remember most old doorstops were used for their original purpose of holding doors open. Then, colorists used a variety of hues highlighting important details Collectics.

Thank you to anyone for information. Likewise, if the paint surrounding a Phillips head screw matches the head of the screw, it means the head and toy were painted at the same time and generally means a reproduction. The small range was made up for, though, in the number of variations for each car model.

In the decorating department, painters applied a base coat usually white or cream but sometimes black to the doorstop. Hello, can anyone help me? First, the better the condition, the higher the likelihood that the doorstop will retain and increase in value over time. Would like to meet everyone or create a group of people who love this glorious art.

If you have seen or maybe know the whereabouts of any Treencraft or maybe it was Treen Craft wooden toys, I would really appreciate you steering me in that direction! Many Hubley toys are now sought-after collectibles. Their history and their product focus are all unclear. New, thin paint on the reproductions does not chip even if you deliberately gouge it. Some books go so far as to include base tracings of the original pieces to make identification even more precise Figs.

Several important differences between new and old cast iron toys are related to the casting sand. Some people collect toys made of a particular material, such as wood, tinplate or cast iron. Seams in old cast iron toys generally fit together very tightly. For years Clive sheltered his banks, keeping them in a closet, away from the light. Most reference books on specific types of cast iron toys, like banks for example, list this information in detail.

  • Wheels were simple metal discs with axle hubs sticking through.
  • Do you have any information on this manufacturer?
  • Although the shrinkage seems small, the effect is multiplied by the total number of pieces used.

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Often planes and cars were available in gift sets. Master patterns can be wood, pros and cons plaster and other materials but most toys used brass or bronze masters for better detail and long life. New molds seldom fit properly. Chrysler and Steven Steckbeck collections.

Check for repairs by going over the entire piece with a magnet. Hubley made simple diecast metal toys all the way through the s. Two other basic sand casting terms you should know are runner and gate. This extra attention to fit produced a very tight seam in original cast iron toys Figs. Perhaps Hubley's diversification in the s overtaxed its profits, weakening it financially by the s.

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  1. Household objects such as doorstops and bookends were also produced, but automobiles, trucks and airplanes gradually became Hubley's mainstay.
  2. Just that it was made in Hong Kong.
  3. This box was used in promotions where models were sometimes mailed to prospective customers.
  4. Most gate and runner marks were left on old toys, that is not ground off, because they did not harm affect the toy's appearance.
  5. The toy swan pressing irons Fig.

The use of thicker paint and the heavier coatings of paint produced by dipping produces a distinctive wear pattern in original painted cast iron toys. If spring mechanisms or even small mechanical parts have been replaced properly, value is usually not greatly reduced. Does anyone have any idea about this company?

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Master patterns are placed in a wooden four sided box called a casting frame. Older doorstops usually have a smoother, more refined casting, while reproductions are rougher or pebbly. Sand is added until it covers exactly one half the height of the pattern. New pieces are typically decorated with a much thinner paint which is usually a water based acrylic.

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Display Cases for collectibles, figurines, diecast cars, sports memorabilia, dolls, and more! The items I have are tin toy watches. Old and new paints were also applied differently. He bought from his first mentor, John Haley in England, and some from Donal Markey, his second mentor, whom he met through an ad he placed in the Antique Trader.

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Pressing this form into finely compacted sand created an impression for molding. Old iron usually was decorated with fairly heavy paint, most frequently some type of oil based enamel. Can you tell me the year of this toy and how rare this toy might be? Ertl has now stopped production of all of the original toy dies and molds purchased from Hubley. It is of electroplated cast iron and green tin stage area and the provenance lists Edwin Mosler and Steve Steckbeck collections.

This article will discuss the ways to tell new from old cast iron toys beginning with an explanation of iron casting. Small chipping of paint is acceptable, but there should be no repainting of an antique item. If you know the measurement of an authenticated original, you can compare the measurements of the original to the test piece.

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Seems like a precursor to Monopoly, but slightly different. This example is vibrant and the action epitomizes the best in mechanical bank ingenuity. Most old chips usually show more than one color, left.

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Any piece that is a dull rusty brown, or overall dark and black, should be automatically considered a suspect piece. Though these were a bit smaller, the competition seemed to be British Corgi and Dinky Toys. With the automotive age, cars, trucks, and other transportation became their focus.

Better yet, depending on the type of toy, dating 25 ask the seller to take it apart for a thorough examination. Notice the bumps and pits in these new examples. The circles of wheel rims and the intersecting lines of spokes are difficult shapes to cast.

Because collectors use them as dating tools, some catalogues of the most famous firms have been reprinted. Hubley's casting process involved several steps. Rough edges would be filed away and the mold ready for mass production casting. Sand casting begins with a full sized three dimensional model or master pattern.

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These metal kits, issued in various scales, were more expensive than plastic models, and, when finished, were naturally quite heavy. Thought it was made by Milton Bradley, but could have been Parker Bros. Often, only the box was marked and not the toy. Although tracings aren't always practical, you should get in the habit of checking measurements.

For example the Ford Country wagon was available normally in a solid powder blue, a powder blue with wood siding, or a medium green with a brownish gold roof. Whenever you see these marks, especially if they are bright and shiny with no patina, it usually means the piece is a reproduction. Neighbor across the street had a board game that I remember playing. As such, Hubley doorstops and toys are being reproduced, so it is important that collectors educate themselves and seek out experienced collectors and dealers. New cast iron toys commonly use exposed nuts and bolts as in Fig.

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