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Mushaf Tajweed Color-coded Uthmani script Tajweed Qur'an featuring distinct colors for each tajweed rule. You will be able to receive the many promised good deeds, anandam songs south mp3 with our unique color-coded script.

This is the largest print of the Quran available anywhere called Double Mosque size. Simply by touching the pen on any ayah, surah or page, the pen will start to read in a loud and clear sound. This is a large zipper case Tajweed Qur'an, imported from the Middle East. First point to the Reciter you want to listen to and then you can either point to any verse or point to the beginning title of each Surah to hear the whole chapter.

Easy to carry small hardback edition of the Mushaf Tajweed with tassel for bookmarking. My son can effortlessly recite Quran now with proper Tajweed. Our head office is in Austin, Texas and our tutors are from Pakistan and Egypt. The best thing is Quran Learning Pen can also read these words and help you to pronounce it properly.

Become a Hafiz If you want to memorise the Quran, the learning pen will be a great aid to you as all you have to do is place it on the ayah you want to memorise and touch it again to repeat it. Who want to improve their reciting skill with correct pronunciation through the digital assistance of world famous reciters Qari of the Quran. We want you to have a good online Quran learning experience with us. Are you an Amazon customer?

We have a comprehensive hiring process and hire only the best of the candidates. This pocket prayer mat easily fit inside your pocket and is very helpful when you are travelling.

Forty Hadith by Imam Nabawi. The Quran that comes with the Quran Learning Pen is printed in beautiful Uthmanic fonts and the pages are layered with invisible coded grids. Pages are excellent print. Alhamdulillah, he has made very good progress.

We teach Quran online by using Skype. Large hardbound Tajweed Qur'an, imported from the Middle East.

After choosing an edition that suits your preference, we will guarantee prompt shipping from our Illinois warehouse to your door, for either retail or wholesale orders. Everything comes in a beautiful carrying case as shown. This is what our students say.

Click here to leave a review. This book guides readers to pronunciate the Arabic alphabet from their correct point of articulations. From trying to learn what seems like many complicated rules of recitation, to finding a qualified teacher to learn from. How do I get started with the free trial sessions?

Use the Quran Learning Pen as your reading assistant anywhere, any time. Welcome to the Tajweed Quran Store We know the frustration of wanting to correctly recite the Qur'an. Features that make us apart. We know the frustration of wanting to correctly recite the Qur'an. The Quran Learning Pen comes with one year manufacturer warranty.

No matter your level of expertise. We Understand Every Student's.

With the auditory support provided by the Quran Read pen, frustration and embarrassment disappear. Recitation of the whole Quran is stored inside the memory chip of the pen, in digital format. The books contain an index of the hadith and when you point to the hadith the pen will read it out to you. Features distinct colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct your tajweed recitation of the Holy Qur'an.

Welcome to the Tajweed Quran Store

It features distinct colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct your tajweed recitation. You can even listen to the Quran just by the use of the function booklet and the digital pen. Who know only the basics of Quranic Arabic. The tutor shares their screen with the student and both the student and the tutor can see the Quran or Qaida page on their computer screens.

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No matter your level of Quran reading, you will benefit greatly from this amazing device. This book contains Tajweed Rules with pictures and teaches you how and from where to pronounce the Arabic letters.

With this new breakthrough technology, the learning process is accelerated! We also have native Arab Quran teachers and religious scholars who are qualified from the leading universities and seminaries. We will contact you either by email or phone and schedule days and time for the trial classes according to your convenience.

Who have average proficiency in reading and reciting Quranic Arabic and need extra support for mastering the exact pronunciation and recitation of Quranic Arabic. Unlike the standard Hafs An-Asim qiraah, this one used mostly by people from bilaad al-Maghrib. Quran Translations Listen to the Quran being translated in your own language. The smart card which easily fit inside your pocket can make it very versatile and is great for using on trips.

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The Learning Pen optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the corresponding Ayat, Page or Surah in beautiful digital sound. Very helpful for the beginners.