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The Cannon must jump over another piece known as the Platform in order to capture the next piece along the board. Once it has crossed the river a pawn can also move sideways horizontally. Move a pyramid of different sized disks whilst never placing any disk on top of a smaller one in the multiple level puzzle game of Towers of Hanoi.

Control the trajectory and power of your cannon to knock villians from rickety structures in Pirate Blast. Published by Bluesky Studio. Human Computer Play without computer. The Platform can be any piece, friend or enemy.

Chinese chess co tuong xiangqi online offlineXiangqi online free

You can watch the concrete procedures and explanation one by one. It may challenge your reasoning mind, logical thinking and brainpower. Chinese Chess Who goes first?

There are also thousands of endgames provided as training exercises that will help you improve skills, as well as give you hours of enjoyment trying to solve the puzzles. Also, replay buttons are too small and close together. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Its primary goal is to allow two persons to play a round of chess, no matter whether they happen to be at the same location or on a different continent. Extensive and profound culture of Chinese chess, unpredictable and enigmatic chess world, classic Chinese chess game will bring you into a mystery field.

The representative of Chinese traditional culture Unlike backgammon and lichess, Chinese chess possesses varied gameplay, install mp3 er it is the inheritance of Chinese outstanding traditional culture. This is unlike Western chess where stalemate results in a draw. Features play chess offline. Description Play offline Chinese Chess - Xiangqi. Play offline Chinese Chess - Xiangqi.

Share it on your social networks. Also, the game disconnects everytime I accidentally hit the search or window key, or click on the ad. Cannons Cannons can move horizontally or vertically. What exactly are you talking about?

Chinese chess co tuong xiangqi online offline

Challenge the Computer to an Online Chess Game

There are dozens of players online waiting for you at any time. Chinese Chess - Best Xiangqi. There can be any number of points between the Cannon, the Platform and the captured piece. The General or King This is the top guy - the one you must protect at all costs.


This app can Access your Internet connection. Language supported English United States. You can play JiangQi with your friends in one mobile phone screen, which bring you true intelligence competition and challenge your brainstorm.

Pawns or Soldiers The Pawn or Soldier is the most basic piece. The General is confined to the palace and can only move one point at a time, either horizontally or vertically. This is known as a checkmate. Advisors move diagonally one point at a time. Novice field, intermediate field and high-level field free to enter.

It can only move one point at a time. These intersection lines are known as points. Good luck on the ancient Chinese battlefields and have fun! Additional terms Terms of transaction.

Challenge the Computer to an Online Chess Game

Why yet another chess implementation what makes PlainChess different

Wish they had visual icons for the pieces as an option. Chinese mahjong is a classic quintessence - thirteen tickets to the game. Magic Girl Coloring Mania. Flattr if you already have an account, otherwise get one. In other words, Chariots move any number of points horizontally or vertically, as long as there are no pieces in their way.

What is PlainChess

What is PlainChess

You can break through the mystery endgame levels. Additional information Published by Bluesky Studio. Who are you and why did you make this? You can also play chess online against other people too. Why yet another chess implementation, what makes PlainChess different?

The other main different aspect of the board itself is that horizontally in the center of the board there is a gap, known as the River. Additional information Published by Tinizone. If the King is in danger of being captured, but there is a possible way of avoiding the capture then the player whose King is in danger must make a move to avoid that capture. Cannons capture enemy pieces in a unique way. They also can't cross the River, so their range is limited to their home territory.

Enjoy a traditional game of Chinese chess against the computer. The pieces of most Chinese chess sets and online games are usually only distinguishable by the Chinese characters on them which makes it difficult for Western eyes to tell the pieces apart.