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BUlk SMS From PC - Manage and send sms from PC - Free edition available

Learn more about SendPulse. Complete Email Marketing solution - Custom email templates and message builders - Easy to use and fully automated. In the gamut of marketing strategies, email marketing is the most effective so far. Learn more about NiftyImages. Although I would never condone spamming, there are plenty of legal and ethical uses for mass mailing applications.

Learn more about Hunter Hunter is an email search and verification tool that helps find and verify professional email addresses from companies and domains. Aurea Campaign Manager is a cloud-based email marketing solution that engages your customer base in relevant, specific conversations.

Learn more about ExpressPigeon Helps you to deliver marketing and transactional messages to the right customers at the right moment. Learn more about eMailChef. Web based solution that performs all tasks related to email address search and e-newsletter sending.

Email-marketing platform for businesses that helps send push notifications, transactional emails, marketing messages, etc. Data-driven, personalized customer interactions delivered across channels in real-time. Create and track email marketing campaigns. Learn more about Mailshake A simple solution for cold emails, with proven templates, automatic follow-ups, sending controls, and personalization. This article is also available as a TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery.

Learn more about Purecast A complete web-based e-mail marketing management solution. Learn more about Rejoiner. Learn more about QuickMail. Run small or large scale emails with easy to use User Interface.

Learn more about Intercom. Learn more about Sendloop.

Learn more about Kingmailer Kingmailer provides a ready-to-go solution for your email marketing needs. Tximail lets you create with ease email marketing campaigns and automation. Learn more about BombBomb Video communication solution that helps businesses with video emails, tracking analytics, screen recording, and social sharing. Learn more about Jumplead.

Which makes bulk mail software a much-needed tool by most of the marketers. Some bulk email software programs are self-hosted.

Learn more about Campaign Manager. Generally the advantage of this type of program is the reliability of the third party vendor and their application. Capture, Engage, Retain, and Support all your customers and visitors from one single dashboard. Learn more about Ungapped. Learn more about Cybba Email Remarketing.

Email marketing that delivers Learn more about E-shot. Learn more about AccelGrid. Learn more about HubSpot Marketing. Learn more about Net Atlantic. Cloud-based email marketing tool that assists users with template creation, Salesforce campaigns and reputation management.

The Ensight eMarketing Suite is a holistic, multi-channel emarketing platform. You can do it all with Gammadyne Mailer. Email automation, trigger emails, more. Audience engagement software and robust email platform optimized for running promotions and contests for media companies. Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that helps businesses of all size to drive sales using emails.

Learn more about Clang Multi channel marketing cloud solution that allows for your business to run smart email marketing campaigns. This utility could not be any simpler to use. Learn more about MailCraft. If you are seeking a frill free software to send out bulk emails then SendBlaster is the ideal software.

Email Marketing Software

Learn more about BombBomb. GetResponse GetResponse software is simple to use and can be considered if your emails do not involve many images. Learn more about MassMailer.

Learn more about Emailicious. Marketing and sales automation platform that helps companies in prospect management, lead nurturing and optimized email marketing.

Best Email Marketing Software

Learn more about SendInBlue Get all the tools you will need to build better customer relationships online under one roof. Learn more about TargetEveryOne.

Learn more about MailCloud Advanced Mass Mail Program that allows you to send bulk marketing emails, create groups and lists, edit text, and more. Learn more about The Seventh Sense Web-based sales and marketing optimization solution that helps Marketo and Hubspot with email intelligence. Manages email lists, automates marketing activities, targets customer segments and provides analytical reporting. Web-based solution that helps businesses with email marketing, idcloak vpn customer data and cross-channel execution. This software is most suitable for all types of businesses.

Five mostly free mass mailing applications

Learn more about FeedOtter. The tool is full featured and provides a very nice reporting and tracking engine. Learn more about BirdSend. Learn more about MakesBridge Marketing and sales automation platform that helps companies in prospect management, lead nurturing and optimized email marketing. Learn more about Instiller.

What is Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing system providing templates, reports, and campaign automation functions to streamline marketing efforts. Plus, because we're on a mission to improve email marketing everywhere, we pay you back for successful mailings. Helps you to deliver marketing and transactional messages to the right customers at the right moment. Offers its users online marketing tools that are fully customizable, easy to track and cost-effective.