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The song has interesting points, like the bass loop which seems to be Hindolam and some improvs on the violin. Balabhaskar as a great enthusiast used to go through every music record that comes to him and started building something from that basement. It was the same dream that I had when I was a beginner.

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Balabhaskar completed his post- graduation in Sanskrit from University College, Thiruvananthapuram to gain more understanding about the Carnatic Classical lyrics. Bhaskara Panicker himself. The musical journey The debut public appearance of Balabhaskar with his violin was at his age of twelve.

Though he is from an orthodox classical background, he always showed interest in all possibilities of music. That was at his age of seventeen and the film was Mangalya Pallakk, the audio of which was marketed by Magna Sound, giving him a good start. Overall, just about listenable track. The debut public appearance of Balabhaskar with his violin was at his age of twelve. Deeply rooted in Carnatic classical music and trained since his tender age of three by his guru and uncle, the veteran musician Mr.

Yesudas, Hairharan, Suresh Wadkar, K. Visitor's Favorites Verdi, G. He remarkably continues his exciting musical journey, still leaving his audience spellbound and stamping the memories of his enthralling performances.

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His music was nurtured by his own uncle Mr. His mother, who is a retired Sanskrit Professor at Trivandrum Music College, adapted his name from his grandfather, late Mr.

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His parents stood by their son's passion and gave him wings to fly free to realize his dreams. Swan Lake suite Harmonie des Deux Rives. Help us with donations or by making music available! As a music composer he had a dreamful time with Dr.

You can listen to the songs here. But there are negatives too. One of the earliest stars of the Malayalam small screen, the ace violinist soon broke free from the medium and became a star in his own right with albums and live performances all over the world.

Sonata for Viola and Piano op. Aida Accademia di Santa Cecilia. One of the less attractive songs in the album. To begin with, his new album in Hindi is getting ready.

Musically trained from age three, Balabhaskar was too much into music to accept anything else for a career. Truly named Balabhaskar- the outset stage of the sun- he passes a new spirit to the audience as every dawn does to us, whenever he magically strokes the strings of his violin. Though he hadn't seen his grandfather, web browser passview Balabhaskar often remembers that he used to see his grandfather watching him play the violin. The electric violin sounds quite like a guitar in many places.

The effort is tap the potential of world class musicians in India and abroad. Fresh looking, old ingredients! The vocals spouting out nonsensical lyrics fail to appeal at all.

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Nevertheless, a commendable debut from the composer, that leaves one in no doubt about his violin skills. Bhaskara Panicker, who was a great Nadaswara Vidwan. Sasikumar who is also a marked name in instrumental music. The Bala touch of connecting with the audience and getting them move to his tunes has marked his presence well at stage shows and classical concerts across countries. Below are a couple of official videos of the album.

Apart from the violin which alternates between carnatic and western, the orchestral arrangement has been done well. If you love jazz carnatic fusion you will like this.

In his debut fusion album Balabhaskar tries to incorporate quite a few genres. He is a celebrated violinist, South Indian by origin, who created revolution in a South Indian's concept of instrumental fusion. Some work, some not quite. The vocals by the composer did not work for me.