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But Shanti's father comes to know this and stops Ajay from leaving Kurnool. Thank you so much everyone! No personal artwork may be added into the value.

Arya 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Allu Arjun Kajal Aggarwal

Aarya, who loves Geetha so much that he never hesitated to help her, decides to bring Ajay to Geetha and helps them elope. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Being embarrassed by the situation and helpless, Ajay sits down and starts to get frustrated. Shanti learns about Arya as an innocent, she realizes that he was not such a soft person and is just acting.

At this juncture Shanti Kajal Agarwal joins the company. The Soundtrack was an Unusual Hit. They walk on to the nearby town, which happens to be Aarya's hometown.

Arya Ek Deewana Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Hd Videos

She dreams about the incident frequently with the idea that the guy who jumped has died but her friends ask her to forget it. Swati of colors fame and Devi Sri Prasad anchored this event. Ajay's father, who initially pretended to accept his son's marriage with Geetha, turns tables upside down by introducing another girl Lalasa and announces that his son is going to marry Lalasa.

Sri Venkateswara Creations. Aarya is an unabashed package showcasing Allu Arjun and his dancing and fighting abilities.

On his first day to the college, he sees Geetha who was just confessing her love to Ajay who was at the top of the college building, threatening her. Aditya Music produced the audio of this film. Avataram agrees to get Ajay married to Geetha.

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Charmed by her beauty, Aarya falls in love with her and proposes to her. Arya and Ajay both try to impress her in their own way and Ajay enacts a drama and makes Arya unpopular. Geetha also realizes that Aarya truly loves her, dhoop kinare while Ajay was just acting on his impulse of wanting what he couldn't have.

Arya 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Allu Arjun Kajal Aggarwal

There will be various discounts when I'm more free ToS applies! There is a soul in the film and you end up having a thin layer of tears in your eyes while leaving the theater. One day he sees Geetha and proposes to her. On learning this, Arya goes to the village in Kurnool and plays another big drama and marries Shanti. But he calls Ajay and decides to unite them.

From horror, comedy, family, crime, drama, fantasy, mystery, history, sci-fi, thriller, western to any new trend we have uploaded it all. Upon release, the film was declared a Blockbuster. Its producer Dil Raju assured that he would produce the film if Dil becomes a commercial success. Good god it's been difficult to pick out winners.

Arya Telugu Songs Download

If you are looking for a new home for an adopt by me, please post below in the comm. One day Avataram arranges a party in his house and it so turns out that Ajay introduces Geetha to his father and persuades him to fix their marriage. In order to get his friend Ajay, Arya takes the help of the rival factionists and somehow manages to take away Ajay and Shanti with him. Ajay loses his heart at the first sight and so does Ajay. Geetha starts liking Aarya and begins to understand him.

Arya2 Mp3 Telugu

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Suggest video Upload video. Don't have an account yet? Action, fights, stunts, feats, tricks, battles, blood, bullies, henchmen, chases. The next morning they wake up and realize that Ajay is missing.

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Arya 2 Tamil Dubbed Movie

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest. Not only Aarya is expected to lead the pack in the long summer of seemingly never-ending releases but also give the hero of the film, Allu Arjun, a new identity. They eventually find a train and get into it.

When she refuses, he threatens to jump from the top of college building. He likes to flirt with beautiful girls and wants them to be his girlfriends.

Hence turned out to be a blockbuster. Romance, eternal love, mush, flowers, embraces, sacrifices, sunsets. Emotions, sentiments, passion, craze and feelings.