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Annachi, their boss, sees this and calls Karungali. The inspector calls Annachi and advises him to take back the complaint, otherwise it will make things difficult if Jyothi tells all these things to media. After some arguments, slowly Jyothi and Kani slowly fall in love with each other.

While they are dreaming, a fire engine completely loses its control after colliding with another vehicle, and it hits the people sleeping in the street. She tells Marimuthu that she will keep the album herself.

Jyothi walks away but then starts to sing. The title refers to the Ranganathan Street in Chennai where the story plays. He is very keen on meeting Sneha. Marimuthu advises Jyothi to forget about Kani as she will not be able do things on her own and needs someone's care. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Kani, who has just woken up, cries hysterically as she has lost her legs. Filmography of Vasanthabalan. Was this review helpful to you? Sathya and Kiruba are friends.

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Angadi Theru Tamil mp3 songs download

Marimuthu is a die-hard fan of Sneha. The next scene shows the jammed vehicle, blood, crying people, and the hospital where Jothi is lying on a stretcher with blood all over his body. Learn more More Like This. The story on the lives of a salesgirl and sales boy of a popular Saree store in Chennai. Through a canvassing agent, he and his friend Marimuthu, get jobs as sales boys in a textile showroom in Ranganathan Street in Chennai.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Sneha is surprised and likes the album very much. The film met with widespread critical acclaim. Directors scores great while portraying life of common man in Chennai, no one could have done it better. Jyothi refuses to do so but tells the inspector that he knows all the fraud activities done by Annachi.

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Jyothi regains his consciousness and sees Marimuthu, who has joined Sneha's team as a makeup man. She thinks she will be abandoned and sent to a house for the disabled. Not knowing what to do, Kani shouts at Jyothi for taking her to the showroom in the first place. Discover Katrina Kaif's Watchlist.

The film features music jointly composed by Vijay Antony and G. The soundtrack album was composed by G. The following scene shows the hospital where Jyothi and Kani are admitted.

He says if Jyothi takes care of her, then nobody will earn for his family. Audible Download Audio Books.

Angadi Theru Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Angadi Theru is a must-watch! List of tamil movies worth a watch in the recent past. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. The movie begins with Saradha murder.

But the movie can reach only to limited audience due to its culture-biased story and screen play. At the police station, an inspector beats Jyothi up to make him admit he has committed this made-up crime. In the meantime, jpeg reader actress Sneha visits the showroom for the shooting of an advertisement.

Watch Our Exclusive Interview. Unfortunately, a security guard then locks them in the showroom without knowing. Having Kani in mind, Jyothi goes back to the showroom and threatens Karungali that if they do not release Kani, he will tell the ugly truth about the store to the people shopping there. Through a canvassing agent, he and his friend Marimuthu Pandi get jobs as salespeople in a textile showroom in Ranganathan Street in Chennai.

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So when Jyothi asks to marry her, she cries happily and agrees. Jyothi thinks for a while and finally decides to marry Kani. Jiiva, Anuya Bhagwat, Santhanam. The difficult and harrowing times in the store bring them together as they face up to a cruel and lewd store supervisor Karungali A. Amidst of the security, he catches Sneha's attention and shows her the album he made.

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Finally, a blind old man who is selling clothes on the platform tells Jyothi that he will give commission to them if they help him sell clothes. He was shocked to see her in another room with both her legs amputated. Jyothi, along with hundreds of others, is employed at the Senthil Murugan Stores run by a big businessman. Not owning a house, the two then find a place to sleep in the street where masonry workers are sleeping.

Mahesh now has to look after his mother and two sisters. Follow Senthil's life through vignettes of his past presented by the people he visits while distributing his marriage invitations.

Village boy make an affair with girl and they continue it even if they grownup. So they start selling clothes and earn some money for the day. It released in Telugu as Shopping Mall. The main suspects are her husband and neighbours.

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